Our Favourite Facebook Pages


This is a list of some of our favourite Facebook Pages…….



Bipolar Burble




The MisAdventures of a Bipolar Girl and Friends




Bipolar Roller Coaster: The ups and downs of life with Bipolar




Mental Health Foundation


More to come….


5 thoughts on “Our Favourite Facebook Pages

  1. After several unpleasant Facebook-related unfriendings, I deactivated my Facebook account, otherwise I’d check these pages out! I don’t miss Facebook at all! But I do have a slight Twitter addiction! 😉

    1. We have twitter also, have been a bit neglectful of it. I’m hoping to get that moving sometime.
      Facebook can be a pain at times, I must admit.

      I’ve many a shocking thing over the years. It makes us with Bipolar, look normal 🙂

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