Personal Entry

Hi everyone.

Yesterday I had a lovely afternoon out with my best friend. She is knows that I have Bipolar, and is extremely supportive.

She never complains when I cancel things last minute. Her son has ADS, so she is aware of how difficult things can be at times.

Anyway, back to yesterday. We went to Residenz Museum in Munich were I live (I’m an ex-pat).

I took over 500 photos, which is nothing unusual when I go somewhere. I’ve included here a few collages of some that I took.

Going out yesterday really helped with my mood, as it has been dull and rainy here, which doesn’t help with my mood (as lots of you can relate).

Here’s a link to the Residenz Museum that I went to. I hope yo enjoy the photos.

Residenz Museum Munich, Germany




One thought on “Personal Entry

  1. Very cool! Beautiful photos! My longtime therapist Ina is originally from Germany and still has quite a thick accent, although she has lived in California for a while. I forgot where she is from in Germany, but I’ll ask her tomorrow. 🙂

    I’m glad you have a great best friend who truly understands…..and I hope the weather gets a lot better soon.

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