When Depression Hits…


Yesterday needed up being a really bad day for me.

It started out great. Skyped with one of my sisters for about 2 hours, then bam, depression hits.

If I used a mood chart for how bad I was feeling, I would say a 3. I’m usually always a 4 to a 4 1/2.

All I wanted to do is curl up in a ball, and hide from the world. I needed to go shopping, which I didn’t achieve. I ended up sleeping for a few hours, and watching documentaries on YouTube the rest of the night. Even my rabbit was quiet yesterday, not biting the bars to get out, like he would normally do.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, my insomnia was worse than it normally is. Great ! As if I needed that too.

Then on the flip side, today has been a OK day, not great, but I can function a little.

Now to today. I saw my sister that lives here.

As always, she asked how I was doing, which I told her. She said she could see it in my eyes.

I was telling her, that my winter depression (which tends to be not bad), has come earlier this year, whereas, the last couple of years, its not come until the end of November, beginning of December.

She told me told keep an eye on it and call my pdoc if need be, which I said I would.

Anyway, we went shopping, and I stocked up for a few days. Then back to hers for some lunch.

My nephew thought it would be a great idea to paint my nails, which he did, so now I have 3 different colors on my nails.

I am now back home and resting. My rabbit was waiting for me, to give him some head strokes and kisses (which I did). I then though I would share the day I had yesterday, with you all.

I think many can relate to the days like I had yesterday. Lets see what tomorrow brings.

Thanks for reading


6 thoughts on “When Depression Hits…

  1. I now what you mean! Like today, it’s all dark and about to rain. That makes me so depressed. So in the winter, I have a lot of those days. Sometimes I don’t even feel like blogging I’m so depressed. Oh well, thanks for writing about this. Have a great day today! Glad I found you guys on the BlogShareLearn Linky.

  2. I have been feeling rough lately too, but hopefully I am now coming through it now. Just got to hold on until my pdoc appt on Thursday. I am getting my hair done after as a treat to myself!

    1. I think its down the change of weather/season. At least you haven’t got to wait to long to see your pdoc.

      Sounds like a good treat for yourself. I need to get mine done 😕 Tattoo or hair. Hard decision 😉

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