Links to useful info

Morning All

I was going through some saved links I have, and came across a few good ones. So here they are….

Why Your Hobby Is So Incredibly Important

Top 10 Strategies to Reduce Anxiety and Depression Naturally

5 Real Reasons Why You Need to Laugh More

27 Ways to Be an Ally for Someone Who Has a Mental Illness

How to Practice Bipolar Coping Skills

Tame your triggers

11 Powerful Affirmations to Help Treat Depression and Anxiety

Depression and the Holidays Survival Guide


3 thoughts on “Links to useful info

  1. These are excellent links – you’re doing an amazing job here and on Twitter! Please accept my apologies for not commenting at every post – ever since I was very sick for 8 days last month, I’ve been behind & haven’t kept up with my beloved blogs the way I want to – hopefully I’ll get back into a good routine.

    Take care and I hope you have a great Sunday!

    1. Thanks Dyane. I’m trying. I’m still new to blogging, and not used to putting how I feel etc.. out there. Getting info etc.. is the easy part for me 😉

      No need to apologize. Your health is more important.

      Enjoy your Sunday also x

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