Bipolar & The Dishwasher

Bipolar and the dishwasher

Sometimes treating bipolar with medication is a bit like using a dishwasher. If you pack a dishwasher and you dont do it properly items might break. If you dont use the correct settings, the correct detergent and the correct temperature the dishes will not be clean. If you don’t scrape of the excess food first the items will not get cleaned and your washer will become dirty and pipes will become clogged. Resulting in that you have to wash the dishes again, often by hand. 

The same applies to bipolar medication. If the correct dosage, correct medication and correct cocktail is not prescribed the medication will not work. If you expect that the medication will cure you within a month and then stop drinking it you will become sick again. If you skip every second day and drink the medication when you “feel” like it you will remain sick. If you don’t eat healthy, drink lots of water, excercise and keep active the medication can only do so much. You need to do the rest. 

Medication is a very important part of bipolar treatment. It is however not the start and end of it. It only forms part of the treatment. Correct medication, a healthy lifestyle and a healthy active life all contribute in living with bipolar.

Herman H Le Roux


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