What it is like to live with mental illness

What it is like to live with mental illness

Living with mental illness is like living in a house. Depending on the severity of the illness the house can be in different stages of degeneration. Sometimes just a few windows are broken. Other times even the foundations are not safe anymore. But that is where you live, that is the place that you call home. Sometimes there are no curtains and you feel as if everyone is looking at you an pointing fingers. Other times the windows are boarded up and no one can see inside. Sometimes you dwell in a large house alone, in the dark. Other times the house is full of people you dont know or want to know.

Everyone craves the comfort and the safety and the luxury of a safe and beautiful home. Often for the mentally ill this is very hard to achieve.

The road to recovery in mental illness is a road that need a lot of work.

Sometimes new foundations need to be put in, windows need to be replaced. Other times we need things that you might not need in your home. Some need sound proof walls, others need alarms that warn them of danger. It can take a lifetime to have that home. Its a daily task of building, planning, re designing. Sometimes we manage to make one room the way we need when the rest of the house is still a mess. Other times the house is almost perfect but there is a room that we just cannot go into.

People with mental illness also wish for that home. A place they can call their own. A home where what is around them make sense to them. A place of safety. For them its not just a home, its having a life.

© Herman H Le Roux (feel free to share)


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