For those that have bipolar and those that do not have bipolar.

For those that have bipolar and those that do not have bipolar.If you have bipolar or know someone with bipolar, please take a few minutes to read this. It’s not that long.

Bipolar disorder is a mental illness. It is recognized by all Psychiatrists, leading medical universities and the DSM-V as a serious and debilitating illness. It is a complex disorder that disrupts every part of the sufferers existence, from work, to relationships, to sexual function to sleep. I often post the facts of bipolar, the what it is about, the terms that explain it. This time I want to give you a little more insight in what it means.

For those that are not bipolar

Bipolar means that you are afflicted with an illness that you have little or no control over. It means that you go from severely debilitating lows to manic highs. It affects your every day. Some days you might not even want to get out of bed. You may not want to shower. You may not want to eat. This does not mean that that person is lazy or dirty. It simply means that something in their brains is causing them to have an overpowering feeling of misery and hopelessness.

Please do not demean this. Please do not try to simplify it by saying that it is all in the head. Yes, of course it is all in the head, just like diabetes is in the pancreas. Please do not diminish the seriousness of it by giving me your herbal tea, or by telling me to read the 12 steps to happiness. Please do not make the assumption that you know all about it because you saw “Silver Linings Playbook”, which by the way was an inaccurate portrayal of bipolar disorder. Please do not liken us with celebrities that have a mental breakdown due to irresponsible lifestyles and drugs that are then named bipolar.

If anyone with bipolar chooses to be like that. To live like that for attention, to be on disability, because they are lazy, then that person suffers from a far more serious mental condition than I know.

If you could be bipolar for just one week. You will change your mind about us. You will see how very difficult it is to live with this disorder.

If you love someone with bipolar, really love them. It may be the one thing that can change their lives.

For those that are bipolar.

You have been dealt this hand. You cannot change it.

Having said that, that is not where it ends. You may not have control over what bipolar does to you but you do have control over what you do to your bipolar. Bipolar may bring your hands to the fire but it does not force your hands into the coal.

You, just as anyone have the right to a beautiful life. You as someone with bipolar are often gifted with creativity, with bursts of energy. Don’t let that go to waste.

Don’t allow yourself to blame every single action of wrongdoing or negativity on bipolar. Not every action in your life is caused by bipolar. Sometimes you are responsible for what you do, you are accountable. Don’t let bipolar become the excuse, let it only be the reason.

When those that do not have bipolar come to a place of understanding that bipolar is a very serious and debilitating illness over which we have no control. When those with bipolar come to a place of understanding that yes, you have bipolar but it is not a death sentence and yes you can have a beautiful life. When somehow those two meet on common ground, it is then that we have made an advance in medical science, it is then that we are closer to a place of better lives for people with bipolar.

Bipolar is real, bipolar is serious, but it is possible to have a beautiful life as someone with bipolar.

© Herman Le Roux


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