We also dream of music in the noise

We also dream of music in the noise.
In the years that I have dealt with thousands of people with mental illness, this one thing is true for all of them. They do not want to be mentally ill. Many of them are very talented people, some have brilliant intelligence, others are highly creative. Only to see that waste away to nothing due to this “thing” we have.

Many of them have such insecurities. Will I be able to do that job? Is that post I made on Facebook ok?

The reason is years and years of stigma. Years of being misunderstood, being fought with, questioning their own actions.

As someone with mental illness I can tell you that we, most of all hate the illness. We also dream of getting up, going to work, having a regular day with regular issues. But we don’t. With all the other daily issues that the regular people deal with like school, work, kids, finances we also deal with depression, mania, insecurities, medication side effects, rage, hopelessness.

Don’t let our actions, our attitude and our lives fool you into thinking that that is what we want.

We also want music in the noise.

© Herman Le Roux 2016


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