History of BSB

BSB started in March 2010 by a wonderful person called Herman and myself.

We both met on another Bipolar group on Facebook, but over time we were both not happy in this particular group and we had spoken on several occasions about starting our own.

We wanted our Group to have the support that is given on all other groups but we wanted what was missing in these groups to be included in our own. Those things are, Love, Friendship and Fun.

So, with the decision made, we created our own Bipolar group called “Bipolar (s) Supporting Bipolars”. We started with just a few members that over the course of time, we can call “True Friends”.

We were astonished at how big our group got in such a short amount of time.

5 Months later, we have over 550 members from all corners of the world.

We have watched “True Friendships” formed and grown in these 5 months and are honored to have had the pleasure in watching these friendships form.

We thank every single member of BSB in making it the wonderful group that it is today.

BSB Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/Bipolars.Supporting.Bipolars

BSB Facebook Group: http://www.facebook.com/groups/BSB.Group

Add our group badge to your Facebook Profile picture as Support for Bipolar (s) Supporting Bipolars.

Link can be found on the Group



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